Summer 2021


Wasserschloss Reisach / Thalham

 Am Wasserschlößchen stehen 3 Skulpturen

der SKULPTUR-LICHTUNG als Leihgaben für jeweils 1 Jahr

 Dorthin gelangt man NUR :

per Fahrad 5 Minuten / zu Fuß ca 20 Minuten

ab der Schranke in Talham / Werkhof Büro SWM.

 Anfahrt maps

Wasserschloss Reisach    Sculptur: Fernando Pinto , Kolumbien

Organisers:   TOBEL  &  Christiane Ahlhelm                                                      


 BR 24





4 Seasons

SKULPTUR LICHTUNG means glade; a place in the forest were light and space merge to a perfect stage. The silent and monumental actors are sculptures, getting alive by the audience, surrounding and passing by.


With changing seasons and sunlight the sculptures are able to cause different expressions.


At the moment more than 20 monumental sculptures, and installations are presented on 6.000 square meters, neighboring a scenic little river, a lane and more forest.


That the results of the symposiums the sculptures are sustainably visible and presented in a way public art in cities or museums can hardly keep up with, private persons realized Sculpture glade.  They opened there private property, for public, all the year without entrance free. Updates during the year of the sculptures are posted on social media platforms. Groups are invited and guided to see the sculptures and listen to the insiders.


All artworks were produced in Valley on the glade during one of the international KUNSTDÜNGER e.V.  SYMPOSIA.

Open all year !

Aduls 1 €,  Children free,  Year abo 5 €